Water Line Repair and Installation in Port St Lucie

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Do you need to install a new water line run for your plumbing fixture, or do you need to have your existing line repaired? It’s essential to hire professionals, as issues with your main water line can quickly cause massive water damage to your home. When you need services in Port St Lucie, FL, trust the work to our experienced technicians at First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air. Call before 12 noon, Monday-Friday and we will be there TODAY!

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Main Water Line Problems

If you have an issue with your main water line, it’s crucial to schedule repairs as soon as possible. These problems can lead to major water damage and must be fixed quickly. Fortunately, our experienced professionals have seen it all. Some of the most frequent issues with water lines they encounter are:

  • Water Puddles: Typically, water puddles in your home mean you have major issues with your main water line.
  • Low water pressure: One of the primary symptoms of a main water line leak is low water pressure.
  • Hissing or bubbling sounds coming from pipes: If you are hearing an odd hissing or bubbling sound coming from the walls, floor, or ceiling of your home, it is possible that it is actually a burst pipe.
  • Discolored water: If the main water line leaks, one of the symptoms to note is dirty or discolored water.
  • Wet areas in the home: If you notice some unusual areas in your home are damp or wet, you can suspect a leak.
  • Increased water bills: Every home has an average amount spent on water every month or every year. If suddenly, the amount increases drastically, you should try to backtrack.
  • Mold and mildew: When a pipe leaks for an extended period of time, mold and mildew will most likely start to grow in that area.
  • When you need water line repairs, trust the work to our technicians at First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air. We offer copper line repairs, PVC line repairs, CPVC line repairs, Uponor line repairs, Pex line repairs, Polybutylene line replacement, and more.

Do You Have a Water Line Leak? Signs To Watch For

When a leak occurs in your water line, you need to schedule repairs quickly to limit the amount of damage. This means booking repairs at the first signs of an issue. Some symptoms our technicians recommend watching for are:

  • Mold or mildew: This is commonly found on the walls, ceiling, or floors.
  • Wet spots: These can also be seen on the floors or walls.
  • Lush grass: This is actually not a good thing - it can mean your lawn is getting extra water.
  • Running water meter: If this runs when all of your plumbing fixtures are turned off, it can indicate a leak.

When you have an issue in your sewer line, schedule repair services as soon as possible.

Water Line Repair Tips

As soon as you notice a problem with your water line, it’s crucial to take the right steps to avoid larger problems. Our professionals recommend following this process:

  • First, call the professionals. You need an expert to inspect the issue.
  • Understand the possible outcomes. It’s important to understand that you will likely need to repair your line - and might even need to replace it.
  • Finally, it’s important to call 8-1-1 if any work will be done on your line. This service will help protect you against hitting a gas or power line if they do any digging.

If your line can’t be repaired and you need water line replacements, our experts can help. We offer copper line repairs or installations, PVC line repairs or installations, CPVC line installations, Uponor line installations, Pex line installations, and more. If you have an older home, replacing your pipes will help you avoid leaks and other issues - including polybutylene line lawsuits.

When you need water line repairs, installations, or replacements, call First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air at 772-879-1414 to schedule appointments in Port St. Lucie. Call before 12 noon, Monday-Friday and we will be there TODAY!