Sewer Line Services in Port St Lucie

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A functioning sewer line is a necessity that many Port St Lucie, FL homeowners take for granted. Just because you don’t see what’s going on inside the sewer pipes doesn’t mean they are not extremely important to the safety and comfort of your home. When a sewer line breaks, First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air is here to offer a quick sewer line repair or replacement service. Our efficient technicians use advanced sewer line camera inspection techniques to provide thorough and fast service so you can get back to normal life as soon as possible. We also offer same-day services!

Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems

There are many potential causes of problems in your sewer line. Our experienced technicians have seen it all and are here to help. Some of the most common causes of sewer line issues they’ve seen are:

  • Blockages in drains that clog the line.
  • Corrosive soil that causes the line to deteriorate.
  • Cracks in the line.
  • Shifting of the earth that causes the lines to collapse.
  • Signs of aging.
  • Tree roots that are interfering with the line.
  • Problems with your septic tank.
  • Issues during a major construction project that interfere with the line.

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Signs You Need Sewer Pipe Repairs

Whether your sewer line has been ruptured by an invasive root system or a sudden temperature spike caused the line to shift underground, there are many issues that can result in needing a new sewer pipe replacement or repair in your home. Keep an eye out for the following issues that indicate sewer line trouble:

  • Persistent drain clogs and slow drainage.
  • Noticeable sewage smells.
  • Trouble flushing the toilet.
  • Lush patches on your lawn.
  • Slow-draining water in the sink or tub.
  • Foul odors coming from the drain.
  • Increase pests/ flies in your yard.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drains.

Any number of these issues points to a definite sewer line disruption or rupture in your home. Our technicians can inspect your line and help you diagnose the issue. Some issues we will look for include the PVC drain, roots in the sewer line, cracked piping, PVC bellies, issues with cast iron drain lines and back pitch drain lines, and more.

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Signs You Need To Replace Your Sewer Line

How do you know when it’s time for a sewer line installation and not just sewer line repairs? Some symptoms our technicians recommend water for are:

  • You hear gurgling sounds coming from your pipes: While this can indicate a clog that can be repaired, if it’s due to tree roots, calcium, or grease that has caused significant issues, then you may need to install a new line.
  • You notice the water is draining slowly: If you have calcium buildups that are preventing water from draining, you might need to replace the line if the deposits cannot be cleaned.
  • Your yard is soggy: If your yard is saturated with water, it can indicate you have a leak. This can indicate a severe issue and needs to be inspected by an expert quickly.
  • You can smell sewage: If you can smell foul odors in your yard, it can indicate there is damage in your sewer line. If it’s severe, you may need to replace the line.
  • You notice more pests in your yard: Sewage can attract bugs and animals to your yard. If you notice more than usual, then it can indicate you have a leak and your line needs to be replaced.
  • Your toilet bowl water level changes: If you notice the amount of water in your toilet bowl fluctuates, it can indicate an issue with your line - and it may need to be replaced.

If you notice these issues, call our experts at First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air. We can inspect your sewer line and determine if it needs to be replaced. We can also answer any questions you have about sewer line installations, including if you need a sewer clean-out, what PVC new drain rams are if you need a new lift station and more.

Save money and ensure a quick sewer line repair or installation with our expert sewer services and camera inspections. To schedule your next sewer line appointment in Port St Lucie, FL, call First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air at 772-879-1414 today.