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Read this Guide if You've Just Bought a New Refrigerator

Buying new kitchen appliances for your home can be pretty exciting. The whole process of shopping, picking out the best one, and then anxiously awaiting delivery can leave you feeling like a kid on Christmas morning.

The refrigerator is especially important, as it holds all the precious cargo - the food! Check out the how to’s below, and get your new refrigerator up and running.

How to Get the Water Dispenser Working

The refrigerators of today are made with easy installation in mind. Most come with a handy kit. Follow these steps to connect your water dispenser unit with as little hassle as possible.

Water DispenserStep 1 - Shut off the water, and drain the line: Turn off the water inside the house, and drain the line by running the water from your sink. This is an important step to avoid leaks during installation.

Step 2 - Locate, and tap into the cold water supply pipe: The cold water supply pipe will either be located under your sink or in the basement. Find it, and tap into it using the valve that came with your kit. This is done by clamping around the pipe, and tightening the valve until it pierces the pipe.

Step 3 - Run the tubing from the cold water pipe to the refrigerator: Run the tubing that came with your kit, from the pipe to the water valve at the back of your fridge. Connect the tube to the valve using a compression fitting.

Getting the Ice-Maker Started

Ice MakerNow water can flow from the pipe, through the tubing, into the refrigerator. Once the water is turned back on, both the water dispenser and the ice maker will work.

Turn the water on, and check for leaks at the connecting sites. This is an important step, and must not be overlooked.

Plumbers in Port St. Lucie, FL don’t typically use saddle valves, as they are prone to leaks. The coated metal can rust over time, and the bolts holding the valve together can weaken due to high water pressure.

Peace of Mind with Professional Installation

professionalinstallationIf you want it done right the first time, hire a plumber for expert installation. This way, you know all the kitchen plumbing is up to code, and you won’t go to bed wondering if you’re going to wake up to a leak the next morning.

Plumbers add a professional touch and will do it in less time, and with less mess than if you were to do it on your own.

Whether you do it yourself or opt for professional installation, you can rest assured knowing your new fridge is up and running. Your food has a new home, and you have something new to show off the next time you have company over.