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The Key Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Although traditional water heaters have been used for a number of decades without competition, the past few years have brought new technology to the market.

The new technology that we’re talking about is the tankless water heater. These newer appliances have many benefits that few seem to know about.

We’re going to talk about the three biggest advantages of choosing to install this type of water heater in your home so that you will be aware of all your options when it comes time to repair and replace appliances. Keep reading for more information!

Conservation: Good For The Environment, Better For You

Traditional water heaters have a holding tank that keeps the water warm until it is ready for use. While this has been effective, it is not all that efficient.

A large amount of energy is used to keep all of the water in the tank hot, for relatively short amounts of use. When more water is added to refill the tank, the heater has to work twice as hard.

Additionally, traditional water heaters create a fair amount of wastewater because when you turn the faucet on, cold water must drain from the pipes while hot water must travel from the tank to your location. Tankless water heaters are almost the opposite of their traditional counterparts.

As their name implies, there is no tank. Having no tank means that they heat the water as you need it and don’t waste energy keeping a tank warm day and night. Typically, less wastewater is created with these units as well.

Actual Costs vs. Savings

When you are price shopping and comparing the costs of a traditional water heater and a tankless option, you will notice that the traditional water heater is less expensive.

You also might find that installation costs less–not to worry though–there are other ways to save with tankless.

Although it is more expensive to purchase and install these units, the cost is not extremely significant and even less so when you consider these facts: Tankless water heaters will last for 20 years or more. Traditional water heaters, on average, have a lifespan of 8-12 years.

Traditional water heaters require regular maintenance and frequent repairs as they age. Not so when you own tankless! Because tankless water heaters are so much more energy efficient, you can expect to see savings on your electric bills as well.

Saving Space

A water heater that requires a tank also requires space. This space is typically in areas of your home that would otherwise be used as storage–like your garage, basement, attic, or a closet.

A tankless water heater is about the same size as a large computer, so although it still requires some room, it is only a fraction of what is needed by a tank.

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Water leaks can be costly and inconvenient– even more so when left untreated. Get same-day plumbing and leak detection services when you call our trusted team.

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