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The Best Tap Water Filters for Your Home

tap water filter

Why You Need a Tap Water Filter

When you turn on your tap to get a nice cool glass of drinking water, it looks so refreshing! But do you know what you’re really drinking? Did you know that most water-borne bacterial and illness-causing viruses are so small that you can’t see them with the naked eye?

It might seem like your water is clean, but unless you are using a water filtration system, you never know what kinds of microorganisms and bacteria are floating around in your water. In this article, experts cover the various types of water filtration systems you can choose for your home, and how they can make a difference for your health and safety.

Less Space More Performance: Undersink Water Filters

under sink filtersUndersink water filters are ideal for use under kitchen and bathroom sinks. Undersink filters first pump all the water through a filter from your pipes before it enters your faucet.

This way, you can be sure that the water you use for drinking and cooking is pure and free of any harmful bacteria. Undersink filters work by hooking one filter to the cold water pipe and hot water pipe.

The water enters flexible tubing from the main pipes leading to your sink, is pushed through filters positioned under your sink, and is delivered to you through a special faucet hooked up to the filter, mounted on your sink. This way, no contaminated water has a chance to enter your faucet. All drinking water is filtered whether it’s cold or hot water that you need.

Convenient Installation: Faucet Mounted Water Filters

mounted filter

If you want an easier method to install a water filter, using a faucet-mounted water filter might be the answer for you. They are usually just large enough to fit onto your existing faucet and are very easy to install.

These work especially well if you rent your home or apartment. If you’re planning to travel for an extended period of time, you can even take a faucet-mounted water filter with you on vacation or business travel and have purified water no matter where you are.

Faucet mounted water filters work by forcing water from your pipes through a filter before it pours out the tap. It’s quick, convenient, and less time-consuming than filling up a water pitcher that sits in your fridge. Faucet filters provide you with safe water that tastes good whenever you want it. They also save you money since you won’t need to buy bottled water to drink.

Best Performance: Whole Home Water Filters

whole filtersIf you want a water filter that works for not just your kitchen sink or bathroom faucet, but the entire house, consider installing a whole-home water filter.

Not only do they purify the tap water that you drink, but they’ll make your shower water soft and beneficial and improve your laundry water, as well. To filter out the most contaminants, you’ll want to install the heaviest duty filter possible.

These are usually quite large, over four feet tall, and typically last around 10 years before needing a filter replacement. Heavy duty water filters will clean your water of minerals, microorganisms, and can even catch some viruses.

A standard water filter is smaller but filters less, though still beneficial for those with hard water, chemicals, and metals in their water. No matter which you choose, installing either filter will provide better water for your home than if you go without it.

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