Palm City Slab Leak Repairs From Trusted Leak Detection Company

Slab leaks are no laughing matter, but they are no match for your local plumbing experts at First Choice Plumbing Solutions.

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We provide comprehensive home foundation leak detection to anyone in the Palm City area. We know how concerning major water leaks can be, and we go the extra mile to provide services and quality that can’t be beat. First Choice Plumbing Solutions proudly services slab leaks in Palm City, FL.

Our professionals are standing by 24/7 to take your call if you have a plumbing emergency. Read about our burst pipe services.

What Is a Slab Leak?

Simply put, a slab leak is a plumbing leak below the concrete of a building. Because of the location, slab leaks often go undetected and can cause major harm. Slab leaks are the culprit of many flooding issues, destroyed lawns, and ruined piping systems. Here’s how they start:

  • Corrosion from chemicals in the soil
  • Wear and tear from long term vibration
  • Pressure from human error or shifting ground
  • Damage from construction projects
  • Poor installation

How Can I Tell If I Have a Slab Leak?

Knowing the signs of a leaky foundation can make all the difference to having a quick, minimal fix. We encourage our clients to be aware of their plumbing systems so they can call us before a problem turns into an emergency. But if you do have a plumbing emergency, we are here 24/7 to answer your call.

  • Your monthly bills increase even though your usage hasn’t changed
  • You hear rushing water even when everything is turned off
  • Mildew begins to grow
  • Areas of your foundation are especially hot or cold
  • Cracks in the base of the walls or along the foundation arise

We also offer convenient routine professional drain cleaning services so you don’t have to worry about it.

How Do We Fix It?

First off, we offer same-day leak detection services so that your property get the attention it needs. We can source the problem with video camera inspection, which is the least invasive technique. Once we find the problem, we will determine which of the following methods will best solve the problem.

  • Spot repair: We will open the slab, cut out the damaged piece of pipe, and replace it with a new section.
  • Epoxy: If there are a series of small leaks, we can apply epoxy inside the pipe to strengthen it rather than cutting entire sections out.
  • Reroute or Replace: We can reroute lines if they would be unusually difficult to remove, but if the system is old we typically repipe it.

Call our leak detection experts in Palm City, FL at (772) 879-1414 for prompt slab leak repair services.