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We offer safe water filtration systems for homeowners in Port St Lucie!

Are you worried about bacteria or other impurities in your water? Are you tired of buying bottled water or boiling water to make sure it’s safe to use in the home? A whole-home water filtration system installation could solve all your water impurity problems. At First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air, we work with some of the most advanced water filtration systems to make sure homeowners in Port St Lucie, FL have access to clean, fresh water at all times. We offer after-hours service calls at no additional charge.

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Which Type of Water Treatment System Should You Choose for Your Home?

There are several types of water filtration systems that are best suited for different types of homeowners since they each offer unique results. Each one targets different issues and provides different results. We recommend and install reverse osmosis filtration systems and 3-stage under-counter systems. Our water filtration experts can help you determine which is right for your needs and budget.


Have water testing services performed to see the quality of your water. Professionals can determine the quality and what purification systems you need to improve it.


If you’re not able to install a whole-house water filtration system, then an under-sink option can be the right solution. This filters your water to improve its quality.


These filters can improve your drinking, well, and city water. It can include stages 1 to 3, including sediment, carbon, and reverse osmosis. 


This type of filter is especially useful if you live in an area with a lot of sediment and silt. Filters can be easily changed.


 Using a special membrane, this type of filter moves water from a high ion concentration to a low ion concentration, resulting in perfectly clean water. It also performs stage 4 and 5, to provide the final polish to your drinking water and remove final impurities. Stage 5 includes a polypropylene sediment filter, granular activated carbon filter, carbon block filter and a post carbon filter, to provide bottled-quality water.


If you have hard water, your soap, detergents, and shampoos won’t fully dissolve. This can lead to soap scum, limescale, and other issues in your pipes and plumbing fixtures. Our experts can install a water softener - both a single-tank combo system and a two-tank combo system - which include both filtration services and softeners. 


We have salt-free water conditioning systems in addition to traditional water softeners. This allows you to effectively treat your water without having to remember to add salt. We can also explain the benefits of KDF Filter Media and Catalytic Coconut Shell Activated Carbon. 


Safety Zone Water Systems provide whole-house filtration systems and water conditioning systems.  These help purify your water to make it safe for consumption.


Automatic backwashing systems filter and purify your water by forcing it through the filter medium. These are the most popular types of filters. 


This requires you to manually clean your carbon bed when you decide it’s the right time. Our experts recommend it at least once a week. 


If you feel your city water isn’t safe to drink, you can install a filtration system on your faucet to improve the taste and quality. These come in automatic and non-electric systems.  Electric versions offer a more sophisticated process, like reverse osmosis and ultraviolet. This provides several layers of purification. Non-electric units have a more simple process. Water pushes through the system using gravity, but it doesn’t purify as well as electric versions.


UV water purifiers remove most impurities from your water, but they do not eliminate certain pesticides, fluoride, and others. Ask an expert if this is the right solution for your house.

Benefits of Using a Whole Home Water Filtration System

For homeowners looking to get peace of mind and added confidence in their home’s water, there is nothing better than using a water filtration system. Some of the other significant benefits of using these units include:

If you are not sure which type of water filtration system is right for you, ask the experts at First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air. We will help you choose a unit that works best in your home.
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Common Problems With Water Filtration Systems

Occasionally, your water filtration system will experience issues that need attention. Some common problems that can require water filtration repairs or water filtration replacement can include:

  • The unit can stop working properly if you forget to change the carbon filter.
  • The pump used in a reverse osmosis system could develop issues that can diminish your water pressure.
  • While a water distillation system may have less frequent problems, it typically takes longer to do its job properly.

Discover how a whole house water filtration system can have a positive impact on your home. Save money and protect your family by calling First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air at 772-879-1414 for professional water filtration services in Port St Lucie, FL today.

Enhance Your Water Experience with Sophisticated Filtration

Ensuring the purity of your water transcends mere convenience—it’s integral to your health and well-being. Our sophisticated water purification technologies grant you the assurance that your water is pristine, devoid of any pollutants and unwelcome particulates.


Our Filtration Systems Offer:

Comprehensive Contaminant Removal

Whether you're dealing with hard water, chlorine, or more sinister contaminants like lead or pesticides, our systems are designed to tackle a wide range of impurities, delivering pure water to your tap.

Tailored Filtration Methods

From activated carbon filters to reverse osmosis systems, we offer a variety of filtration techniques to best suit your water purification needs.

Eco-Friendly Options

Enjoy the benefits of clean water without the waste. Our eco-friendly solutions reduce plastic bottle use and offer sustainable filtration methods for environmentally conscious households.

Maintenance Ease

Our systems are designed for longevity and ease of maintenance, ensuring that you can enjoy pure water with minimal hassle.

With our cutting-edge water filtration systems, you can trust that every drop from your faucet is as clean and pure as nature intended. Connect with us to explore the best water filtration solutions for your home and taste the difference.





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