Water Line Repair Services From Stuart's Water Leak Detection Team

Call us day or night--we know that water leaks don’t wait for business hours!

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Stuart has been relying on First Choice Plumbing Solutions for years, and we are proud to continue the tradition. We treat our customers with individualized care and 24/7 emergency support so you can get ahold of us if you have a water issue. We specialize in main water line repair in Stuart, FL.

We offer 24/7 burst pipe repair services. Call right now if you need a professional at your property.

Tips to Avoid Water Leaks

Most people don’t realize that over the counter drain cleaner does more harm than good in a lot of cases. While it eats away at the clog, it can also eat away at your pipes over time. That’s why we suggest scheduling regular drain cleanings. Other quick tips to keep your plumbing system healthy after your water line installation include:

  • Insulating pipes during colder weather.
  • Avoiding putting anything down your drains that is not liquid.
  • Knowing where your pipes run underneath the ground.
  • Planting trees away from pipelines.
  • Keeping away from your piping system during any major construction projects.

How We Find Leaks

We prefer to inspect our customer’s property with video. We have waterproof, infrared cameras on long lines that we feed down pipes to look at the inside from all angles. This is effective, noninvasive, and thorough. We also have meters that can sense where obstructions are by reading changes in water pressure throughout your system. Our last resort is to dig and drill to get to the source of the problem--but this is only an option in extreme cases.

  • Video camera inspection
  • Meter detection
  • Dig and drill

We suggest having routine drain cleanings to keep your system running its best and free of debris and buildup.

6 Reasons to Keep Your Plumbing at Its Best

Plumbing is typically out of sight and out of mind until a problem arises, and even then it can be easy to overlook for a while. We don’t want our customers to have to worry about their plumbing system, and that peace of mind begins with maintenance. Bad things happen when plumbing issues are left unattended.

  • Contaminated sewer water can back up and flood your property.
  • Water can collect under the foundation of your home, known as a slab leak, and hurt your foundation or your yard.
  • Sewer blockages can pose health risks.
  • Extreme damage to your piping system can be costly to replace.
  • Electrical shortages can occur from excessive water leaks.
  • Water bills will increase even though usage patterns remain the same.

Call our water leak detection techs at First Choice Plumbing Solutions! We provide reliable and fast water main replacement services in Stuart, FL. Reach out to us at (772) 879-1414 today!