Slab Leak Detection From Stuart's Leak Detection Specialists

Don’t let your water system compromise the foundation of your property--we are ready with on-call slab leak repair services so we can get there before your problem worsens.

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Do you need foundation leak repair? We have the manpower and the expertise to get your job done the right way. We treat slab leaks seriously and quickly here at First Choice Plumbing Solutions in Stuart, FL.

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What Causes a Slab Leak?

Water that leaks under or around the concrete foundation of your home or office is considered a slab leak. These can remain untreated for long periods of time because they are difficult to find. Many times a slab leak is responsible for flooding properties, damaging lawns, and ruining piping networks. Here are some reasons why they happen:

  • Soil chemicals can corrode pipes
  • Long term vibration can wear down plumbing lines
  • Pressure from human error or shifting ground can compromise pipe walls
  • Construction can upset piping networks
  • Poor installation could be playing a role

What Signs Can I Look For?

While slab leak detection can be difficult, most people miss them because they don’t know what to look for. Being aware of your property and the warning signs could be a game changer for early detection and minimal damage. If you have noticed the following, call us today.

  • A significant increase in your monthly utility bills in spite of typical usage patterns
  • The sound of running water in your property even after everything is turned off
  • Unusually hot or cold areas of the foundation or any mildew growth
  • Visible damage like cracks in the base of the walls or along the foundation

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What Do Professionals Do to Fix It?

We have the newest technology that lets us find the problem without having to dig and cut through your lawn and concrete. We use video camera inspection, which is not only minimally invasive but also thorough in finding any pinch point in your line. Then, we’ll determine which of the following will best suit the job.

  • Spot repair: We cut the slab and repair the issue at the source.
  • Reroute or Replace: We can reroute entire lines, but we typically repipe aging systems.
  • Epoxy: We can apply epoxy to the inside of the pipe wall to seal small cracks without cutting away entire sections.

Let us help you in Stuart, FL! Trust our water leak detection techs with your home foundation leak detection needs. Call First Choice Plumbing Solutions at (772) 879-1414 today!