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Port St Lucie Bathroom Plumbing & Renovation Services

Port St Lucie Bathroom Plumbing Services

We offer value-adding bathroom remodeling in Port St Lucie. Call us at 772-879-1414 for same-day appointments. 

If your tired and outdated bathroom is getting you down, consider a brand-new bathroom renovation project. Bathroom remodeling contractors like First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air know all the latest bathroom trends and lasting bathroom remodeling techniques.

From repiping to shower repair and tub installation, our local bathroom remodelers in Port St Lucie, FL can help you add value to your home and get the most from your bathroom with our comprehensive bathroom remodeling services.

Have your allergy symptoms been worse in your house recently? Schedule indoor air quality services with our experts. 

Trusted Bathroom Plumbing Services in Port St Lucie

We are proud to provide a full range of bathroom plumbing services.

Faucet repair and replacement

Is your bathroom faucet starting to leak, or does it look dated? You could need a faucet replacement. Our team also repairs leaky faucets. 

Faucet drain repair and replacement

 If you have a clogged drain or a leaky drain, call us for repairs. Our experts can also replace faulty or aging drains.

Bathroom supply lines

It’s essential to have professionals install your supply lines. Let our plumbers repair any leaks in these, as well as add new lines as needed. 

Toilet repair and replacement

If you need a toilet reset, fill valve, or flush valve, you need professional repairs. Experts can also examine your toilet supply line, wax ring, toilet bolts, and the flapper. Our technicians also check if your toilet is making noises, why it’s leaking, why the toilet handle isn’t working, and even look at your toilet seat. If you need a toilet installation, we install all brands. We also provide toilet flange install services, as well as bathroom toilet shuts off / angle stops. 

Bathroom tub install or shower repair and replacement

If you notice your shower faucet dripping, if the shower only has cold water, or the shower has low pressure, you need professional repairs and replacements. Is the shower handle loose? Our experts figure out why, and look at the shower cartridge. When you need a new bathroom tub installed, we provide full services, including bathroom tub deck mounted installs, tub and shower valve installations, and tub drain installations. For bathroom shower installations, we perform bathroom shower pan installations, add bathroom shower flanges, perform bathroom shower valve installations with rain heads, hand held, or body spray shower heads. 

Shower trim kits

Our team can install or repair your trim kits to ensure your faucets, shower heads, and tub spouts are functioning – as well as fit the decor of your bathroom. We can install them properly to make sure they don’t leak. 

Bathroom sink,toilet shutoff/angle stops

When you need bathroom faucet installs, bathroom drain installs, over the counter sinks installed, and more, call our technicians. We also inspect bathroom sink shut off/ angle stops. 

Signs You Need a Bathroom Renovation

For many homeowners, a bathroom renovation seems like a luxury that is simply not worth the cost. However, there are many practical reasons to invest in hiring a bathroom renovation contractor. Some of the most significant reasons include:

  • If you are constantly dealing with broken tubs and shower repair services, a new bathroom renovation will help save money in the long run.
  • Old and worn-out bathroom components are also less efficient and should be replaced by better, newer components.
  • Is your bathroom faucet always leaking? Leaking faucets waste water and cost you more money.
  • Cracked or broken toilets should also be replaced.
  • Local shower installers can help replace showers and tubs that are damaged beyond repair.
  • Is the decor in your bathroom outdated? Bathroom remodeling companies are familiar with all the latest trends to bring your bathroom into the present

Do you need to install a new bathroom sink or faucet?
Contact us for bathroom remodeling services.

What Are the Benefits of Bathroom Remodeling?

Bathroom repair contractors can help you find out if your bathroom components are in need of replacing or if a simple repair is better. In many cases, homeowners choose to opt for a new bathroom renovation for the following reasons:

  • A new bathroom will add value to your home, which is ideal if you are planning to sell in the near future.
  • It will also make the space nicer and more pleasant to be in, which is great when it comes to relaxing in the tub after a long day.
  • Replacing old and worn-out bathroom components with efficient new ones will help you save money on your water bill.
  • It will also prevent unexpected repairs and help you save money on future repairs.

From repiping to the final fixtures and faucets, there are endless benefits to installing new bathroom components in your home.

Comprehensive Bathroom Plumbing Services

Our expert plumbers at First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air provide a full suite of bathroom plumbing services to transform your space into a functional and relaxing retreat. From quick fixes to full-scale renovations, we ensure top-quality workmanship in every task we undertake.


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