Water Line Repairs From Palm City's Water Leak Detection Experts

First Choice Plumbing Solutions lives up to its name! We get the job done right the first time, every time, because you shouldn’t have to worry about your pipes.

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We take water main replacement seriously, because we know that you rely on your plumbing to keep your household running smoothly. First Choice Plumbing Solutions meets the expectation of our name every time in Palm City, FL.

If you suspect your home or building foundation could be leaking, check into our slab leak detection services.

How We Find Leaks

  • Video camera inspection: This is our preferred method of leak detection. We snake an infrared, waterproof camera down a sink or tub drain to take pictures inside the pipe at various angles. This lets us thoroughly inspect the entire pipe and locate any cracks or brewing problems.
  • Meter detection: We have digital apparatuses that are able to pick up signs of leakages. It reads water pressure to find where an escape point may be occurring.
  • Dig and drill: Depending on the situation, we may have to get through a floor or wall to locate a problem and get a handle on it. This is our last resort and only necessary in extreme cases.

How We Fix Leaks

Once we find the problem area, we will address the main concerns and severity of the issue. We start with the least invasive approach unless the situation calls for heavier intervention. Our goal is to extend the life of your pipes as long as possible with one of the following solutions.

  • Spot repair: We will cut out the compromised section of pipe and replace it with new.
  • Reroute or Replace: We can reroute around a defective pipe, but for aging, corroded systems we suggest a full repipe.
  • Epoxy: We can apply an epoxy coating inside the pipes to save on costly reconstruction.

We suggest scheduling routine drain cleanings so your water system runs clean and maintenance stays to a bare minimum.

How You Can Avoid Leaks

We highly suggest routine drain cleaning to keep your main water line clean and clear, and also so we can keep an eye on your system to catch problems before they start. We also suggest to address problems as soon as they begin. In addition, here are some practical tips to keep your pipes at their best.

  • Insulate pipes during colder weather.
  • Avoid putting harmful materials down your drains.
  • Know where your pipes run underneath the ground so you can avoid digging.
  • Plant trees away from pipelines.
  • Keep away from your piping system during any major construction projects.

Palm City residents trust First Choice Plumbing Solutions for their plumbing and leak detection needs! Call us for water pipe replacements and installations at (772) 879-1414.