Burst Pipe Repairs from Palm City's Leak Detection Experts

You rely on your pipes to keep your home running, but when something goes wrong, you can rely on us to get your plumbing fixed and working better than ever.

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Broken water pipes are no laughing matter. We take your job seriously and offer the skills and services you can always rely on here at First Choice Plumbing Solutions in Palm City, FL.

We repair sewer lines, too. If you suspect a sewer issue, read about our sewer line repair service.

How Can I Avoid a Pipe Burst?

Something as simple as a clogged pipe can turn into a plumbing emergency if it isn’t properly taken care of. We encourage our clients to prevent problems from happening rather than fixing them after the fact if at all possible. Regardless, problems happen and we thank you for trusting us to find your solution.

  • Ensure your pipes are well insulated and away from cold exterior walls. Use a heat wrap if necessary.
  • Trickle water in your sink to keep water flowing instead of freezing.
  • Notify one of our professionals if your water pressure decreases.
  • Keep an eye on your system for any leaks, as they can escalate quickly.
  • Have your pipes inspected routinely and replace aging pipes.
  • Schedule routine drain cleaning to take care of potential obstructions.

What Made My Pipes Burst?

There are many factors that can play a role in pipe failure, and it is important to know what is causing you problems so it can be avoided in the future. We suggest having regular professional drain cleanings so that our professionals can keep your system running at its best and catch problems before they start.

  • Freezing: If the temperature drops in your home due to a power outage or poor insulation, expanding freezing water can make your pipes crack under force.
  • Clogs: Water pressure builds behind the obstruction, weakening the pipe wall and causing it to fail.
  • Age: Old pipes corrode, crack, and eventually burst if not properly cared for.
  • Roots: Encroaching tree roots can slowly displace your buried pipes.
  • Shifts: The earth has a tendency to settle and interfere with your plumbing network.
  • Construction: Digging or excessive surface movement can upset your pipes underground.

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Are There Options When It Comes to Fixing My Pipes?

Our professionals are trained to know the best solutions to get the job done right the first time. They will help to educate you on your options and together, you’ll find the right fix to meet your needs. Here is what to expect from a professional visit:

  • Our professional will shut off your water supply to locate problem areas.
  • If the pipe is only minimally damaged, they will cut out a section of the pipe and solder in a new piece.
  • If the pipe is severely damaged, they may have to replace the entire line.
  • If your pipes are deteriorating from age, they may recommend a whole-home repipe.

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