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Reasons to Install a Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal is a necessary function in every Port St. Lucie, FL home, but is it one that you have ever spent a great deal of time thinking about?

What if you could streamline the process of getting rid of your garbage and make it cleaner and quicker all at the same time? Sound appealing? We’re talking about all of the benefits of installing a garbage disposal.

Clear Pipes, No Clogs

“clearpipes” It is inevitable when you are feeding your family. Whether you are doing food prep or washing dishes, inevitably, you will get all kinds of food debris that go down your sink. Over time, that food debris will collect and bind to the walls of the pipe, which is going to cause major clogs.

To get rid of the clogs, you may have some success with a plumbing snake. If the clog is persistent, you may have to get a professional hydrojetting done to break up the debris properly.

If you have clogs repeatedly, your pipes will weaken over time, which will create damage and leaks, which is a whole other kettle of fish. However, if you have a garbage disposal in your kitchen sink, you don’t have to worry about food matter causing clogs. You simply let the debris run through the garbage disposal and you are done with it.

Smells Clean

“cleansmell”Another byproduct of having food matter fall down your kitchen sink is that it will gather in the pipes and as it decomposes, it will start to smell. You can try to deal with this odor by avoiding having food scraps fall down your sink at all, but realistically, that is a challenge.

You can try to freshen it with a fragrant drain cleaner, but those chemicals can be very hard on your pipes, which can cause decay and leaks. You can try using a natural cleaner comprised of baking soda and vinegar, which will foam up and freshen the odor. Again, if you have a garbage disposal installed, you don’t have to worry about odors. As long as you flush your disposal frequently with hot water to dislodge any debris that is sticking, you should be just fine.

Easier to Wash Dishes

“washingdishes”When you are trying to scrape your plates clean prior to washing them, it can be a real hassle running back and forth from the trash to the sink and vice versa. Inevitably, some food scraps are going to fall into the sink anyways.

Simplify your life by planning on scraping and rinsing dishes directly into the garbage disposal. Some other benefits of putting in a garbage disposal are reducing the amount of trash that you need to take out and that they are better for the environment. They are easily and quickly installed too.