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Port St Lucie Air Duct Repair

Keeping your air ducts in good condition is essential to ensuring your home's indoor air quality. However, many homeowners are unaware that something could be wrong because the ductwork is hidden. So, how do you know you may need ductwork repair? Here are the most common signs to watch for.

Odd Sounds or Odors from the Vents
Do you smell a musty odor or hear an unusual sound from your air vents? An occasional odd smell or sound isn't cause for alarm, but if it persists, it could mean a problem with your heating and cooling system or the ducts.

Increasing Energy Bills
If you've noticed a recent and unexplained increase in your energy bills, it's possible that your air ducts are to blame. Leaks or holes in your ductwork can cause heated or cooled air to escape before it ever reaches the room, resulting in your HVAC system working overtime to maintain the desired temperature. This extra work can lead to a significant spike in your energy costs.

Poor Air Quality
Because your ductwork is the circulation system for your HVAC, it must remain clean. Pollutants like pet dander, dust, and allergens can increase asthma and allergy symptoms, so if you or a family member notices their breathing issues have worsened, call a professional to inspect your ducts.

Visible Damage
It's wise to have your air ducts inspected every time you perform HVAC maintenance to check for damage. Damaged ducts can lead to increased dirt particles, cause your HVAC to work harder, and reduce your home's comfort.

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Our Duct Cleaning Services

If you're like most homeowners, you're probably diligent about keeping your home clean, but never think about the air ducts.

Air duct cleaning is essential to maintaining a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Routine duct cleaning services provide numerous benefits, such as improved air quality, increased HVAC energy efficiency, and reduced health risks.

Common signs that you need air duct cleaning include excessive dust and debris buildup, musty odors, reduced airflow, and increased allergy symptoms.

First Choice Plus Plumbing, Restoration & Air's home air duct cleaning services can help eliminate these contaminants, resulting in cleaner air and a more efficient heating and cooling system.

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