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Get Ready for Spring with These 4 Plumbing Tips

Spring is in the air here in Port St. Lucie, FL which means that you don’t have much time to tend to some important seasonal jobs to maintain your plumbing.

Taking steps now mean that you can reduce leaks, reduce costs and maximize your leisure time once spring and summer arrive properly.

Here is what you should do to take care of your outdoor plumbing.

Check Your Sprinklers

SprinklerYour sprinklers may have gotten a bit of a break over the winter, so now is the time to make sure that they are working well to avoid problems and to make sure that your lawn and garden look great for the coming season.

Check your irrigation system over, paying attention to the batteries, date and time setting and timers. Replace backup batteries if you didn’t do so over the winter.

Inspect all the spray heads to make sure that there isn’t soil or other debris blocking the nozzles, which will interfere with the water spray. Replace any broken heads or other parts, which may be prone to leakage.

You need to valve to function properly to regulate the flow of water through the sprinkler system. Will inspecting each valve singularly is admittedly time-consuming, but a leaking valve will cause you major problems, so it is time well spent.

Check Your Hoses

Outdoor Hoses

Make sure that your garden hoses are in good repair. Ensure that there are no cracks or tears.

Also, check hose bibs for leaks. The hose should fit snugly into the bib.

You’d be surprised at how much water a cracked hose wastes. That’s going to send your water bills higher.

Home Gutters

Regularly Check/Clean Your Home’s Gutters

It’s important to inspect and clean out your gutters from leaves and other debris.

During storms, leaves can gather in your gutters, which will cause a blockage. This can create leaks and other water damage.

Inspect Outdoor Faucets

Outdoor FaucetWhen you inspect your home for plumbing leaks, you tend to think of your indoor plumbing first.

However, your outdoor plumbing-in particular your outdoor faucets- can be a major cause of costly leaks. Inspect each for dripping, rust or other signs of water damage.

Check out any piping nearby as well and familiarize yourself with the location of shutoff valves. Finding plumbing leaks, inside or out, is the best chance that you’ve got at keeping your water bills low. Be proactive in sourcing them out.